See amazing 3D holograms that do not require special glasses

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Although holograms are fantastic and have become a real obsession for many people – largely because of repeated Star Wars sessions – the technology is still far from being commercially viable, at least on a large scale. It is necessary to resort to headsets so that holography is convincingly merged into the real world, creating what we call augmented reality. In other cases, smoke and 2D projections are used to trick your brain and create ghostly figures in midair.



While the first scenario has been developing at a steady pace in the industry, the second is efficient and simple enough to be used in truly fantastic projects. This seems to be the case with the artist Joanie Lemercier, who added some motion sensors to the basic package of this type of work and created holographic pieces that change as you move between them – creating a 3D immersion and much more realistic.

The Frenchman confesses that he was inspired by George Lucas’s space saga and the surrealistic interfaces of “Minority Report” to bring “no-logram” to life, his own view of holograms as art and entertainment. For him, however, the best part of the installation is to allow visitors to enjoy content from their own perspective and without relying on specific equipment, AR glasses or wires disturbing the route.

Today, Lemercier uses geometric forms and dynamic moves to entertain audiences, using monitoring technologies he calls “traditional” – such as image analysis and depth sensors – to make everything work properly. In the future, however, he hopes to push everything to a new level by using compressed gas or mists with fine particles of water to display projections that simulate volumetric impressions and create completely immersive environments.



Images: UNTOLD

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