According to research, more than 5 billion people use cell phones worldwide

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Do you know anyone who does not have a mobile device? Whether it’s a regular cell phone or a smart device, it seems harder and harder to find a person who does not use at least one portable communication option, and a poll released last Thursday (15) turned that impression into numbers.

According to data collected in partnership by Hootsuite and We Are Social, more than 5 billion people use one or more mobile devices in the world today, a portion corresponding to 67% of the world’s population. If the coldness of numbers is not enough to denote the penetration of mobiles, perhaps a comparative study helps.



Currently, the world has 7.5 billion people and “only” 51% of this total has access to the internet – 3.8 billion. Comparing, then, we have in the world today more cell phone users than the internet. Another curious fact revealed by the research is that, of the amount of 5 billion people with mobile devices, 4 billion (80%) use smartphones.

Facebook reigns supreme

Research reveals, going into the realm of social networking, that 2.895 billion people in the world today are active users of social networks. And Facebook concentrates most of that statistic with 1.938 billion active monthly users. In China, however, the Zuckerberg network did not take off, and the leading platform used there is WeChat, with more than 870 million users.




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