9th gen Intel Core processors expected to arrive in October

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While the market is anxiously awaiting the arrival of new Intel processors with 10-nanometer lithography, the manufacturer still has some news to impact the market with its Core line. The 9th generation is expected to arrive on October 1, according to a source at WFCCTech.

An improved 14nm chipset was already expected to power mainstream products, but so far there was no confirmation of its launch. The components must come optimized, with more cores and higher frequency rates. There will be three models unlocked.

The Intel Core i9-9900K should be the first with 8 cores and 16 threads. It comes with clock base at 3.6 GHz (starting at 4.7 GHz of boost speed), 16 MB cache, TDP 95W and suggested price of US$ 450. Already the Intel Core i7-9700K promises 8 cores and 8 threads, with clock base at 3.6 GHz (starting at 4.6 GHz of boost speed), 12 MB cache and TDP 95W, at US$ 350.

The Intel Core i5-9600K would have 6 cores and 6 threads, 3.7 GHz clock (starting at 4.3 GHz of boost speed), 9 MB cache and TDP 95W, estimated at US$ 250.

In a previous leak of company information were also listed four more Intel Core i5 and other Intel Core i3. Below are all expected components, with those previously mentioned in the article likely to be announced in early 2019.

It’s too early to tell whether these specifications will actually run as desired on machines, so it’s necessary to wait for the official confirmations and the first performance appraisals.



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