A beautiful afternoon in Manhattan

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Whoppercoin, Anti Bureaucracy Coin, Niobium, Bitcoin, and Ethereum

A beautiful afternoon in Manhattan, people from various companies gather for a coffee, a setting for the award-winning American sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman? The answer is no. It’s “The Uncommon” one of Manhattan’s favorite places to have coffee in the middle of the day or make happy hours, with a vast library of games at your disposal and a great atmosphere. And paying with bitcoin. That is a reality without return. The virtual currency came to stay!

The Russian branch of Burger King was the first major corporation to issue tokens, another denomination of the virtual currencies. It has launched a billion tokens, called Whoppercoin, presented to customers with each purchase of a Whopper sandwich so that customers can use the Whoppercoin for later exchanges at any Burger King snack bars.

Another example is the Brazilian market comes into force in this era. Two Brazilian coins are born: the Anti Bureaucracy Coin (ABC) of the Original My certification company, and Niobium, developed by the Niobium Foundation.

This month, on March 21, Twitter CEO and Square Jack Dorsey stated that Bitcoin is the future of the world and the Internet. This statement generated growth, and the BTC exceeded $ 9,000 the same day. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum grew 18% in the last week.

The market is open, and the virtual environment takes a breath when it comes to virtual currencies. That is the moment! Coming in line with the market trend presents itself as a way out for businesses and consumers. What are you waiting for to acquire a virtual wallet and your miner? More explanations? Wait for the next articles.

Written by: Ricardo Gomes Sabino, Psychoanalyst.

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