Meet the world’s first AI USB flash drive, released by Intel

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If things are not exactly prosperous for Intel in the clothing segment, the story changes when it comes to artificial intelligence. The company can take the technology to its pocket by offering a condensed feature version on a single USB drive.



Yes, the future of AI and neural systems may be in a small USB device that should hit the market very soon. The project is a creation of the Movidius team, a company that was acquired by Intel in September of last year. At the time, the startup was about to launch a gadget very similar to the Neural Compute Stick – hitherto called Fathom.

What has changed since then? The equipment became cheaper – from $ 99 to $ 79 -, changed the plastic housing to an aluminum and of course received improvements in its resources. That means that the VPU (Vision Processing Unit) can use its 12 cores in parallel to run object detection or facial recognition algorithms or to improve neural networks that use the Caffe framework. Up to 100 gigaflops of performance on highly energy efficient hardware.



While the toy is not a definitive solution for all AI-based products – as there are better chip alternatives for large-scale production – the Movidius Neural Compute Stick has everything to snatch researchers from the industry and complement smart projects still under development. After all, it’s not every day that we offer advanced artificial intelligence features to the public by bringing price into account, low power consumption and support for working together with multiple USB drives at once.


Sources: THE VERGE

Images: INTEL

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