Amazon plans to make deliveries inside your home or in your trunk

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Amazon has been trying to innovate the way it delivers so that the customer is not harmed by theft or loss. The company already does advanced drone testing that can take things to customers in a more practical, fast, and automated way, but that’s not just what Amazon is banking on to please the consumer.

One of the company’s plans is for Amazon employees to have unique access to the trunk of customers’ cars or even from their homes. So they could take the package to a combined location, leave it inside the trunk of a vehicle or at the buyer’s residence and ready: no stray purchases outside the door of the house.

Intelligent Identification

For this, the company Phrame should help Amazon with a system that uses the vehicles’ plates as a security system to unlock the cars with the smartphone. Then, users can remotely grant access to the delivery person to open the trunk. In the case of residences, Amazon intends to create a smart bell system that would allow this unique access to the company’s delivery.

Of course, for such a system to work, it would require exact control over who would deliver such deliveries, to avoid criminal practices or to put customers at risk.



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