Apple’s augmented reality device having the iPhone as its center. Is it true?

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According to information from the Financial Times, Apple would be working with the possibility of using the iPhone as the center of its upcoming augmented reality or virtual equipment. With that, Apple’s solution to this experiment would follow the Google line with Daydream but make a more advanced enhancement.

Apparently, this supposed Apple AR glasses would have 3D cameras, motion trackers and a host of other electronic components to help the iPhone bring a good experience for users in that regard.

However, the publication emphasized that the company has not yet decided on the model. They would be testing prototypes that use iPhones as the center of the augmented reality experience and also some that do not depend on the smartphone. There is no information, however, on which option is most likely to win the domestic fight.

Simple or advanced

However, the Financial Times believes that this Apple product should end up being a simple accessory for the iPhone instead of a more versatile and advanced product like Microsoft’s HoloLens. Therefore, we can expect that this supposed device will serve primarily for more mundane activities, such as games.

About when this product should reach the market the information is not yet concrete, but it is expected that Apple officially launches its ARKit along with iOS 11 in the coming months. Maybe this is the moment for the company to show what it has been working on for the last few months.





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