DeX Station: Turning Galaxy S8 into PC arrives in April for US$ 150

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DeX Station

Announced last Wednesday (29) in New York, near the trendy Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +, the DeX Station attracted the attention of those who like the idea of ??transforming the cell phone into a kind of laptop. However, until now it was not known exactly how much the gadget would cost and when it would start being shipped to consumers. Fortunately, the South Korean decided to end much of this mystery on its official website.

According to the site, the peripheral, which only works in conjunction with Samsung’s new phones, will be sold in the US for $ 150 and should reach users by the end of April – not yet the specific date of delivery. As you can see, the accessory is not exactly cheap, but it might be worth it for enthusiasts. The reason? For being a daring device and carrying forward a concept that until then was closely associated with smartphones with Windows Phone – thanks to the feature Continuum.

Unlike other solutions of the type, however, the DeX offers a much more complete kit and close to the mini PCs with Android or Windows 10. After all, we are talking about equipment that has two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet input for wired connections, an HDMI output for TVs or monitors and a USB-C connection to power the set. A fan on the smartphone’s support base also ensures that the Galaxy S8 stays cool while running in this desktop mode.


All this, combined with mouse and keyboard support and the optimization of some apps for the big screens, makes the experience very interesting for functions such as navigation or even gaming. Will Samsung dictate the direction of this market? For those who are already counting the coins for the S8 and think that there will not be much left over for the accessory, it remains to hope for the company to create kits or promotions in the mold of how it did with the S7 and Gear VR.

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