Details of the Galaxy S8’s digital assistant Bixby, unveiled by Samsung

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Digital assistant Bixby

Samsung today officiated, through a posting on its website, the existence of its digital assistant for the Galaxy S8. As much of it had been leaking in recent months, some details were only confirmed by the Korean company, as the name of the assistant: Bixby.

According to the brand, it will be fundamentally different from its competitors, especially Siri and Google Assistant, because it will be more complete and was designed to adapt to user needs rather than forcing them to learn how to use it. Samsung also confirmed that it would indeed be present on the Galaxy S8, which will be officially presented later this month at a special event in New York.

Three pillars

To describe its new product, Samsung said that Bixby has three essential pillars that set it apart from competitors. The first would be “completeness,” which means that Samsung’s offer is simply more complete considering the number of features. Apps that support the Korean assistant will have virtually all of their built-in functions, allowing you to perform almost all of your actions through voice commands.
Samsung says that this is different from what you see in Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant since they bring only a limited amount of functionality within other apps and end up creating doubt in the user when taking action. The company also said that eventually, it would launch a public SDK for any developer to integrate their apps with Bixby.

The second differentiating pillar would be the fact that the assistant is always aware of the context around her. That is, when a person invokes it, it must already know everything that is happening on the screen and will be ready to act according to what has already been and is being done by the user, eliminating the need to explain more specific things in the Voice commands.

Finally, the brand talks about “cognitive tolerance,” which is Bixby’s ability to use artificial intelligence to understand incomplete commands. It would be substantial because as the wizard’s range of possibilities grows, it becomes difficult for users to remember commands accurately. Therefore, it will perform actions even if the person can not pass the data completely. She will still ask for more details when this is not possible.


Until the end of the month

No video or image of Bixby has been shared. So it looks like we’re going to have to wait until March 29 to see how this Samsung novelty will work in the real world

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