Facebook Bots learn to talk better by talking to each other

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Once Google’s artificial intelligence has created its unique dreams, it’s time for Facebook bots to do a feat. According to the FAIR (Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research), a language of its own was being developed by the bots of the platform and was discovered during tests to improve their functioning.

It happened as follows: To improve the bot’s ability to talk – also called dialogue agents, those programs that automatically talk to people through Messenger chats – the researchers put them to talk to each other to train the way with the Which dialogue when they are used.



The curious part is that, after a certain training time, artificial intelligence began to develop – on its own – a unique language that deviated from the norms originally programmed. This caused the bots to communicate through a completely new language created by themselves.

Talking better

All this happened in order for them to communicate better, or at least in a way that they themselves considered better, without the “obstacles” of the language that was programmed for them to use. That is: artificial intelligence invented a more practical way of talking.

It is not yet well known what this means in the long run, so do not be concerned about the possibility of mastery of machines over the human race, as in so many works of science fiction. However, this certainly shows an immense advance in the evolution of artificial intelligence, increasingly frighteningly perfect.



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