Artificial Intelligence – Facebook creates chatbot able to negotiate as a human being

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They may not be so common here, but the chatbots are increasingly popular and smart. For those who do not already know, these tools use features like machine learning and artificial intelligence to interact with humans as if they were real people, helping with shopping or finding information about time, for example.

Overall, they are pretty simple, but Facebook has just introduced a new chatbot that can change that panorama. That is because it uses a lot of information to behave like a real human being during a negotiation, projecting the possible directions of the bargain to reach its objectives.


Facebook chatbot


Facebook researchers AI Research created a mechanism from a neural network fueled by information recorded in human-to-human negotiations. But the bot can go further because, rather than just imitate, it has been endowed with the ability to learn on its own how to achieve certain goals during a negotiation.

In short, the bot can design the possible paths of a conversation, using such information to figure out the best approach to follow. In this way, he avoids confusing or uninformative dialogues in favor of dialogues that will make him reach his ultimate goal – in this case, closing a deal.

No human and as humans

The most curious of the new Facebook chatbot is that he got to be confused with a real human during the tests. Unaware that they were interacting with a computer program, the people selected to test the new tool believed they were interacting with a real person.

Another impressive piece of information involves the fact that smart bots have developed some trading strategies on their own without any human interference. According to The Verge, they presented arguments with elements similar to game theory, especially the prisoner’s dilemma.

These characteristics seem to have come out of science fiction films, but they are close to becoming a reality. It is not clear when these super-intelligent Facebook bots will be “on the street,” but it is a fact that they indicate a considerable evolution compared to what the chat robots are today.




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