LG says it will be the first to launch a smartphone with 5G

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The fifth generation of mobile internet, the 5G, is in full development and the first commercial tests should be done later this year. It will be essential for the development of autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, intelligent houses, and cities, among other things that require more speed and power with lower latency. LG and operator Sprint say the first smartphone with this technology is expected to reach the United States in the first half of 2019.

The four largest American providers already have a release schedule, however, these releases are for the time being WiFi connections in the largest cities in the country. Sprint is the fourth-largest carrier and plans to roll out the 5G mobile phone initially in nine cities – Dallas, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Washington DC, and Phoenix. After the merger with T-Mobile, worth $ 26 billion, 5G gained priority at Sprint and the whole process has been accelerating.

While Sprint and T-Mobile claim they do not have the means to build a nationwide 5G network, combined spectrum and network assets can deliver faster development than AT & T and Verizon rivals. That’s because T-Mobile has long-range 600 MHz waves, while competitors have a mmWave frequency, with a more powerful but more limited radius.

Apart from this information, nothing else is known about price, settings or release date. It is worth mentioning that Motorola said that an accessory for the Moto Z3 should bring a modem to 5G soon and Samsung has also been promising some devices already equipped with support for 5G later this season.



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