Google Artificial Intelligence creates better code than its creators

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Google has just announced the next step for the destruction of the human race. Or, if you prefer, a breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. The company announced that its machine learning system was able to create codes with superior efficiency when compared to what was created by the developers of the platform itself.

Named AutoML, this system was developed as a solution to the lack of talent in the area of artificial intelligence programming. Unfortunately, there are not many experienced programmers in this area. That’s why the Google team decided to create a machine to do this job.

AutoML is capable of performing thousands of simulations to determine which areas of code need to be improved, make changes, and continue the process indefinitely or until a certain goal is reached. This is impressive not only because a machine is doing it, but because what is being generated is better than the human being would be able to do. And all this working for hours and hours without complaining or asking for a pay raise.

Better than humans

Proof that the code produced by AutoML is better than the one created by its developers was made clear in an image recognition test. The Google system has achieved a record 82% result in the recognition rate. Until then, artificial intelligence platforms could achieve the rate of 42%, which already surpassed the 39% score reached by human algorithms.

But unfortunately (or fortunately) we’re still a bit far from knowing Skynet from the real world. Google announced AutoML just five months ago, which means the system still needs a lot of maturity in the market. However, it is really impressive to see what this platform did in such a short time of life. It is hard to imagine what she will do in a year, five or ten years. Is this something potentially dangerous?


Sources: TNW

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