Google already makes its quantum computers available to researchers

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Google’s quantum cloud computing project is just taking its first steps, but the company is already releasing access to such equipment via the internet to researchers studying artificial intelligence. As a result, the company expects developers to begin writing code for such computers and to foster this new segment.

Bloomberg obtained this information through a leaked presentation from Google. The material mentions the project as an “embryonic quantum data center,” implying that the company is still in a very early stage of creating such hardware.

Be that as it may, more precise details about the power of this data center or even the structure of the chips were not disclosed and remain a complete mystery. However, it is very likely that Google will keep this project free for researchers and governments for a long time until the platform is ready to enter the market. That was the case with traditional cloud computing and other such products as well.

Coming soon?

It is interesting to note that no date was revealed for the commercial debut of “ProjectQ” as it is currently being called. But the presentation comments that this should happen sometime in the future.




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