Hacking! Facebook will teach you

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Hacking! Facebook will teach you

Facebook will release the Capture the Flag (CTF) platform to the open-source community, teaching how to do ethical hacking.

The proclaimed purpose is to teach children how to do reverse-engineering, web application security, forensics, binary exploitation, and cryptography totally according to the laws.


It already exists for network professionals to share and test out their skills, using sites like this one: Hack this site.org. However, apply it to students throughout all the education system will be a major challenge. To face this, the Facebook is deciding to launch CTF using an already in place structure of code generation, such as game map, team registration, and scoring

As Facebook said “By open sourcing our platform, schools, student groups, and organizations across all skill levels can now host competitions, practice sessions, and conferences of their own to teach computer science and security skills”; “We’re also releasing a small repository of challenges that can be used immediately upon request (to prevent cheating).”

CTF is already being put into operation in schools, educators and for those who want to learn more about cybersecurity.

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