The company Himax reinforces rumor that new iPhone 8 will have 3D camera sensor

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3D camera sensor

Unsurprisingly, there are several rumors surrounding the launch of the upcoming iPhone 8. One of them involves the fact that the device can bring an innovative three-dimensional sensor that would be manufactured by various companies. Now, it appears that if this rumor is true, one of these enterprises would be Himax Technologies.

According to the publication Barron’s Asia, Himax had a 56% increase in its shares based on the expectations of the company to be involved in the production of the possible 3D sensors. For Charlie Chan, a Morgan Stanley expert, Apple’s choice would make sense because Himax would be able to make smaller sensors than competitors.

“Himax’s Wafer-level Optics (WLO) technology can further reduce the size and adjust the 3D sensor on smartphones. We estimate that 3D sensors will contribute 20% of Himax’s 2018 revenue, with better margins, and that would fill the vacuum of the company’s glasses with augmented reality (Google Glass or Microsoft HoloLens) before taking off again in 2019, “he said. Chan.

He also thinks that this market can grow big if Apple goes on to adopt augmented reality technologies in its devices. That would make competitors also take the asset and companies would have to turn to companies like Himax to get 3D sensors.

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