IBM quantum processor – the company introduces a new prototype

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IBM has introduced some new things related to quantum computing this Friday (10). The first one concerns a new quantum 50-bit processor (qubit) prototype, which is quite significant compared to the previous 17 qubits “just” model. The goal of a quantum computer is to perform complex tasks with more agility and accuracy than conventional supercomputers.


IBM 50 qubits quantum processor


The processor was one of two products announced today by IBM. The other, also part of the IBM Q program, is the online availability of a 20 qubit processor. This enables customers to remotely leverage advanced high-fidelity quantum operations capabilities, with consistency calculations occurring in just 90 milliseconds.

IBM intends to offer quantum computing systems in practical exploitable applications. This is the third phase of the project, which has already made available 5-bit and 16-bit quantum systems online in what was the most advanced public ecosystem of quantum computing ever released.


Left: Schematic of 20 qubit system; Middle: 50 qubit system, illustrating qubit interconnectivity. This complex interconnect fabric permits maximum flexibility for IBM Q systems. The 50 qubit is the natural extension of the 20 qubit architecture. Right: Photograph of the quantum processor package for the first IBM Q systems. The processor features improvements in superconducting qubit design, connectivity and packaging. (PRNewsfoto/IBM)


“We have been, and have always been, focused on building technology with the potential to create value for our customers and the world,” said IBM vice president of artificial intelligence and IBM Research Dario Gil. “The ability to reliably operate multiple quantum systems and put them online was not possible a few years ago. Now, we scale IBM processors to up to 50 qubits thanks to incredible science and engineering capabilities.”


Sources: IBM

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