Coming soon the Intel’s incredible 1-petabyte SSD

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While the price of entry-level SSDs has made more and more consumers surrender to the benefits of flash storage, the corporate version of the technology continues to make strides in the professional marketplace. An example of this is that Intel – one of the industry leaders – has just released a product of the latter category that, in addition to having a completely crazy format, is capable of storing up to 1 petabyte of data.

If conventional SSD has a reduced form reminiscent of old cassette tapes, Intel’s new peripherals are completely out of line. The company apparently found that this type of storage is much less dependent on a standard format and has created a “ruler” model so that the component easily adapts to server and data center racks.

While these products – which rely on Optane and 3D NAND technology – are tailor made for operations that require speed and security over stored content, of course, the highlight is space. After all, according to the manufacturer, 1 PB is enough to store “300,000 movies in high definition or more or less 70 years of uninterrupted entertainment.”

According to Intel, if all goes well in production, these SSDs should be made available very soon to the corporate public. Even then, there is not a specific date for that yet, or information about how much the upgrade will cost your company’s coffers. So, with one of these, can you forget the worries of downloading?


Sources: BGR


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