Kuka, the largest robotics company in Germany, will manufacture robots for home

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The largest robot company in Germany is set to start robotic devices for the end consumer, such as home appliances, stimulated by its new owner, Chinese appliance company Midea.

Kuka, famous worldwide for the robotic arm that danced with ballerina Amy Purdy at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro opening, was acquired by Midea last year for about 4.5 billion euros. The purpose of the deal is for the Chinese company to use Kuka to carry out its automation and produce robots with functions that are closer to those of humans.


In addition to personal help in the industries, iiwa can assist you in your home soon


What’s next?

We still do not have a clear vision of the type of products Kuka should produce under the supervision of Midea, but it seems that we are going to see this brand much more since today it is still much more linked only to large industries. That indicates that we may see applications much more robust than simple home hubs.

A good idea of what can be launched by this partnership is Kuka’s iiwa robot, designed to help workers in factories as if it were a “third arm.” With a little time of improvement, we will be able to have, for example, a beautiful kitchen helper or to clean the house with much less effort.


Sources: THE VERGE

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