New concept changes on what we think of smartphone cameras

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Concept changes on smartphone cameras

In an attempt to offer more powerful cameras to its consumers, manufacturers in the area are betting on two-lens systems or solutions that stand out from the smartphone body. However, the Fraunhofer Institute – known for creating the .MP3 format – believes that there is a different path for the market to evolve.

In the last week, they have demonstrated the workings of a new camera module that slides slightly out of the body of a gadget. While this allows you to continue investing in thin smartphones, the way the system works allows you to provide higher quality lenses to consumers.

The displayed prototypes have no fewer than four image sensors capable of rotating through 90 degrees – allowing them to function as front or rear solutions. The system also uses a series of mirrors to reflect images, an essential part for the proper functioning of the technology.

Unorthodox technology

The result is photos with a maximum resolution of 20 megapixels aided by autofocus systems and optical stabilization. While interesting, the new design philosophy must be delayed by manufacturers – if that is ever going to happen.

As the new technology presents an unorthodox architecture, it forces a change about how are constructed other components. Also, the system still needs to be optimized to consume a battery quantity considered acceptable for the market you want to meet.

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