New iPhone practically without borders, and will have LCD screen, according to a source

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According to information from an anonymous source of DigiTimes, Apple would have signed a contract with Japanese company Nichia to produce “0.3t LED” chips, which would be the image controllers and lighting for mobile displays built in the LCD standard. Using these chips instead of the “0.4t LED”, Apple could launch a new phone priced similar to the iPhone 8, but with a design similar to the iPhone X.

This means that the unit would have thin edges around the display, and probably also the notch at the top. This new iPhone would be cheaper because of the LCD screen, which is considerably more economical in the manufacturing process than the OLED that the company uses today in the iPhone X.

Since the beginning of the year, rumors that Apple would release three new iPhones in 2018, all with the iPhone X’s design, circulate on the web. The model with LCD screen would be the substitute for iPhones 8 with regard to price, the other two would be the top of Apple line, both with OLED screen. They would all have Face ID instead of Touch ID.

Smaller chip, smaller edges

And what is the relation of the 0.3t LED chips with the thinner edges of the new iPhone? Apparently, these smaller chips make it possible to decrease the size of the display connectors that are hidden inside the smartphone. That’s why many handsets have the upper edge of the tiny screen, but still holds a “chin” on the bottom. With OLED screens, it is possible to fold the display back and hide the connector better, but this is not an option for the LCD.

So Apple would have partnered with Japanese company Nichia to find a way to use cheaper screens and have aesthetic results more similar to what we see in OLED. According to DigiTimes, the chin of a smartphone with LCD screen and 0.4t LED chips need to have something between 4 and 4.5mm. In the case of 0,3t LED chips, this size drops to 2 to 2.5mm. This is apparently enough for Apple.

Nichia would have begun testing these new chips for Apple, and it should be with all its productive capacity compromised by the end of the year, producing only for Apple. That way, Apple will probably be the only brand with an LCD phone with thinner edges for at least a few months.



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