New Samsung Gear VR announced – Price? US$ 129

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New Samsung Gear VR

During the announcement of the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 smartphones, which took place today (29) in New York, United States, Samsung also introduced the new virtual reality device Gear VR.

Now Gear VR comes on the market with a joystick – or control for the purists – that will help the user navigate and play some games. “The handset can be controlled with one hand and enables better motion interaction by accessing interactive content in virtual reality,” Samsung said.

Gear VR hits the market on April 21 next to the new control. The price? US $ 129.

Samsung has developed this virtual reality device in partnership with Oculus, known as the Oculus Rift gadget. It has all the features of the previous product, only with control as a novelty.

The control will also be sold separately for $ 39.

According to Samsung and Oculus, Gear VR will have 20 games that are already in full control – and the idea is to increase that number to 50 in the coming weeks. Among the titles, players will enjoy a zombie shooter called Drop Dead and a puzzle game called Rangi.

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