Nokia, Ericsson, and Qualcomm – already set how much they will earn for each sold 5G smartphone

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The 5th generation of mobile internet, 5G, is coming and in June some international standards have been set for it to work well all over the world. This brought together industry-leading manufacturers to accelerate the process and, of course, offer what they have best for assembling the infrastructure. In return, companies such as Qualcomm, Huawei, Ericsson, Samsung, and Nokia can charge their licenses from device manufacturers such as Apple and Google.

And the Finnish company has tried to price its essential patents for standardization: the company has warned it will charge 3 euros ($ 3.48) per device that involves its technology. Ericsson also announced its plans, but its values vary according to the price of the device, from US$ 2.50 to US$ 5. Qualcomm thinks of 2,275% of the wholesale cost per product and 3.25% for those with a 5G multimode modem.

Note that these values apply only to smartphones. Other devices, such as those connected through the Internet of Things, do not yet have their table listed by the companies. As Huawei and Samsung have not yet released their values, as well as other manufacturers, the costs of these licenses may still change until the mass arrival of 5G-enabled mobile phones and devices – including iPhones, which are expected to connect with 5G by 2020.

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