Geeetech E180 Integrated 3D Printer

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Aluminum Frame 21 x 21 x 21cm

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Geeetech E180

Geeetech E180 Integrated 3D Printer US plug – Platinum; other option:

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Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer
The E180 has a construction volume of 13 x 13 x 13 cm and operates at a high speed of travel. Adopting bowden extruder reduces the movable mass of the print head and allows for faster controlled movement, less shaking and, most importantly, faster printing! The extruder is gently expelled, preventing clogging or clogging. Another important feature should be interrupt resumption capability, enabling the E180 to save and interrupt the current print job to prevent power failure or filament fracturing. In a word, it’s the rigorous design that allows the E180 to offer smooth surface finish, elegant contour, clear angles and strong structure for the final print.

Cloud-based EasyPrint 3D App
EasyPrint 3D App is cloud-based to connect 3D print creators around the world to promote the development of this new technology. It is a social application that is multifunctional with remote control over your 3D printer, a gallery in the cloud of free 3D models and a community of 3D printing.

3.2″ full color touch screen
The 3.2-inch color touch screen reveals an intuitive and responsive panel through which you can modify the relevant parameters for comprehensive control of the entire printing process. The use of the touch screen, in a large measure, simplifies the flow of operation.

Break-resuming capability
The E180 has the break-resuming function, convenient for stopping and saving the print status in real time. You can continue the incomplete print in the same place as if the machine had never stopped.

Modularized extruder
The modularized design also brings the unbeatable facility to change the hotend that is in sliding connection with the cold end. Now, with a small slip, you can mount / disassemble the hotend as a breeze.

Excellent after-sale service
Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype are available for customer service and technical support, and you can also count on the engineer for technical support.

Geeetech E180’s Specs

Type: Complete Machine
Model: E180
Brand: Geeetech
Engraving Area: 13 x 13 x 13cm
Print technology: FDM
Print speed: 80 – 110mm/s recommended
Printing precision: 0.05mm
Positioning precision: Z 0.0025mm, X/Y 0.11mm
Filament diameter: 1.75mm
Filament supported: PLA
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Operating system: Windows
Control software: EasyPrint 3D
File format:G-code, .STL
Max extruder temp: 230°C
Connectivity: TF card (support stand-alone printing), WiFi, USB
Power supply: 12V DC 6A
Display screen: 3.2″ touch screen full color
Build platform: aluminum alloy plate
Chassis: injection molding (a portable cantilever type 3D printer) + metal plate
Stepper motors: 1.8 degree step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping
XYZ Rods: stainless steel, wear-resistant, and lead screw (Z axis)

Dimensions and Weight
Product size: 11.18 x 6.14 x 12.6 inches / 28.400 x 15.600 x 32.000 cm
Package size: 14.72 x 10.51 x 15.2 inches / 37.400 x 26.700 x 38.600 cm
Product weight: 4.5000 kg
Package weight: 6.0000 kg

Packing Contents
1x Geeetech E180 Mini 3D Printer


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