Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale

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Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale, Intel Core i5 8250U, Integrated Graphics – Gray (1% OFF)

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Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale

Gearbest Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale, Intel Core i5 8250U, Integrated Graphics – Gray

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Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop’s Review


Silver metal dress, silver brushed finish, a keyboard that occupies almost the entire machine 32.2 cm wide. The Mechrevo S1 has a very attractive design. And the machine follows the trends of the moment: the eighth generation of Core i7, the graphics processor SSD and Nvidia.

With 8GB of scalable DDR4 RAM for 16GB through a bar switch, the S1 Mechrevo is placed on a good base to support an Intel Core i7-8550U. The Kaby Lake Refresh processor is a quad-core, eight-core 1.8 to 4 GHz processor with 8MB cache for 15-watt TDP. A chip that uses an Intel UHD 620 graphics base, but the machine also offers (in dedicated graphics processing versions) a Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics circuit with 2GB of RAM. According to the manufacturer’s information, the circuit runs at 1405 MHz. A frequency that seems to correspond more to the more powerful version of the Nvidia graphics chip. All of these components are cooled by a dual venting system, which uses a double heat pipe to evacuate the heat generated by the two processors. And the storage is provided by a 256 GB SSD.


The chip supports a 14 “display that will be displayed at 1920 x 1080 pixels IPS. A screen that takes up almost all available space also with 5.9 mm thick edges at the top of the screen and on the sides. The top of the screen can easily deploy its hinge, but it does not provide enough space to send a webcam, so a basic 720p model is positioned below the screen. The screen is advertised as having a respectable colorimetry with a range of 72% NTSC. The angle of view is 178°, which will ensure good visibility of the slab from all angles.


The connectivity of the machine that uses an 802.11AC type wifi and a Bluetooth 4.0. To the left of the chassis, there is a full-size HDMI port, a USB Type C 3.1 port, and a 3.5mm audio jack for headphones and microphone. A power connector is also present on this side of the machine. On the right, there are at least two USB 3.1 Type A ports and a second Type C USB port, plus an SDXC card reader and a Kensington Lock anti-theft door.


The Qwerty keyboard is heavily crafted with 1.7 cm side touches, rounded and backlit, with a very wide design. The touchpad houses a fingerprint reader for recognition in Windows Hello. Above the keyboard, a ventilation system allows you to extract fresh air directly above the dissipation fins, but also offers enough space to propose a pair of speakers directly in front.


Oo Mechrevo S1 announces 8 hours of autonomy thanks to a 50 Wh battery of 4760 mAh for 12.3 volts. This does not prevent the machine from being sober with a weight of 1.18 kg very correct for a 14 “and a thickness of 1.59 cm.


The machine is adorned with a somewhat presumptuous “gaming” name, if your GeForce MX150 circuit offer enough breath to launch not very recent 3D games and not very high quality, obviously not on a PC for the players but rather adventurous who want a good multimedia experience and can be some beautiful movie or series views.


This machine is quite interesting on paper: thin, efficient, no frills, despite the presence of a fingerprint reader and the lack of an Ethernet port. Some information is missing for a complete idea, such as the ability to load the device with at least one type C USB or the confirmed presence of a Windows 10 and its license. The machine is well given as compatible but lacks the assertion of a true system installation.

Design:image.php?img=01.png&px=12&max=5&rat=4 - Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale (4.5 / 5)
Chipset:image.php?img=01 - Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale (4.0 / 5)
Performance:image.php?img=01.png&px=12&max=5&rat=4 - Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale (4.5 / 5)
Display:image.php?img=01.png&px=12&max=5&rat=4 - Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale (4.5 / 5)
Features:image.php?img=01.png&px=12&max=5&rat=4 - Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale (4.5 / 5)
Battery:image.php?img=01 - Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop Review and Flash Sale (4.0 / 5)

Mechrevo S1 Gaming Laptop’s Specs

Basic Information
Type: Notebook
Brand: Mechrevo
CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U
Core: Quad Core, 1.6GHz
Caching: 6MB
Graphics Type: Integrated Graphics
OS: Windows 10
Process Technology: 14nm
Power Consumption: 15W
Graphics Card Frequency: 300MHz
Battery Type: 12.3V Built-in Li-ion / 4730mAh
Speaker: Built-in Dual Speakers
Usage: Office, Business

Hard Disk Memory: 256GB SSD
Hard Disk Interface Type: SATA 3.0
Largest RAM Capacity: 16GB
RAM Type: DDR4
RAM Slot Quantity: One

Support Network: WiFi
WIFI: 802.11 ac
Bluetooth: 4.0
LAN Card: No

Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 – FHD
Screen type: IPS
Screen size: 14 inch
Display Ratio: 16:9

Camera type: Dual cameras – front and back
Back camera: 13.0MP

Audio Jack: 3.5mm Earphone / Mic
3.5mm Headphone Jack: Yes
USB Host: Yes
Card Reader Interface: Yes
DC Jack: Yes
Microphone jack: Yes

Languages: English and Chinese. Other languages need to be downloaded by WiFi.

Package Contents
1x Notebook + 1x Power Cable + 1x Power Adapter

Dimension and Weight
Product size: 12.68 x 8.74 x 0.63 inches / 32.200 x 22.200 x 1.600 cm
Package size: 14.96 x 11.02 x 2.95 inches / 38.000 x 28.000 x 7.500 cm
Product weight: 1.1800 kg
Package weight: 2.1600 kg


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