ODiN Virtual Laser Projection Trackpad

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ODiN Virtual Laser Projection Trackpad – BLACK (6% OFF)

World's First Holographic Mouse

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ODiN Virtual Laser Projection

ODiN Virtual Laser Projection Trackpad – Black; other option:

The Mouse of the Future

– The name Odin originates from an ancient Germanic word for “seer, prophet,” which is suitable for a futuristic and innovative product that challenges people’s perception of electro-optical applications and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The world’s first laser projection mouse, the ODiN Laser Holographic Mouse will redefine your daily user habits to control, design and play on your computer.

– Tiny and portable, the ODiN weighs just 40 grams and fits well in your backpack or pocket, and consumes very little energy!

– With low CPU load and responsive design, ODiN allows smoother browsing experiences and games.

– Multi-point controls such as clicking, scrolling, dragging and zooming will be supported in the 8 x 8 cm projection area by which you can use any flat surface as a trackpad.

– The runic triangle symbol is now a “button” that you can set according to what you want. Whether it’s to open specific software or to return to your desktop. Also code your own macro and share it in the Serafim online forum!

– The unique design makes it look and show cool.

*Through Indiegogo and Kickstarter fundraising campaigns, the ODiN project raised more than $ 200,000 together, more than doubled its initial funding goal!

**Winner of the Best Choice and Comuptex d&i awards

***ODiN Aurora has attracted attention and recognition for the innovative design of leading media worldwide

ODiN Virtual Laser Projection’s Specs

USB Interface: USB 2.0
Projection Area Size: approximately 80 x 80 mm
HID compliant Light Source: Infrared/Red Laser Diode
Power Supply: External USB 500mA / 5V
Compatible operating systems: Windows XP or later; MAC OS X 10.6 or later

Product Contents
1x ODiN Laser Holographic Mouse + 1x USB cable + 1x product manual


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