Panasonic Deodorizer Hanger MS – DH210 Offers

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Panasonic Deodorizer Hanger MS – DH210 Offer

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Panasonic Deodorizer Hanger MS – DH210 Offers

eBay Panasonic Deodorizer Hanger MS – DH210 Offer, Nanoe X technology

Other options:
Website: eBay; Worldwide shipping, with exclusions; Japan warehouse – Version: MS – DH100 – Price: $ 178.50
BUY PRODUCT – Offer posted on February 07, 2019 – *Price may alter in the next days
Website: Amazon; Shipping only to USA and Canada; Japan warehouse – Price: $ 260.00 (*choose the seller “Premium-Japan”)
BUY PRODUCT – Offer posted on February 07, 2019 – *Price may alter in the next days


The device emits a high voltage pulse that ionizes – charges electrically – the molecules present in the air. They are vaporized on clothing, where they kill bacteria and decompose particles of dirt. It is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is place your clothes on the hanger.

Nanoe X technology: The hanger is equipped with Panasonic’s proprietary nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particle device, “Nanoe X.” Dissolve and eliminate odors such as sweat, cigarette, and others.
In addition, by transforming the proteins found in allergens, it can also inhibit pollen.

The hanger is powered by a battery that lasts five to seven hours (long enough to sterilize a garment)

Attention to Buyers

This product uses only 100 volts, which is specifically designed for use in Japan. To use this device outside of Japan, where the voltage is probably higher than 100V, such as 200V-240V, please make sure that your converter has the function of voltage conversion. Because when a large voltage goes into this device, it will definitely break down. We are not responsible for damage to this device if you use it without a suitable voltage converter.

Panasonic Deodorizer Hanger MS – DH210’s Specs

Type: Deodorizer Hanger
Model: MS – DH210
Brand: Panasonic
Two types of modes are installed: Normal mode · operation for about 5 hours / long mode · about 7 hours operation
Bottoms support hanging bar
Power supply: 100V (common for 50/60 Hz)
Power consumption: about 4.5 W
Driving sound: 35 dB

Hanging bar, AC adapter, Cover for clothes, Dedicated cable

Dimensions and Weight
Product size (length x width x height): 8.800 x 40.000 x 31.000 cm
Power cord length: 2.5 m
Product weight: 0.700 Kg


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