Robots could end up with up to 40% of jobs in the retail industry

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Dominating the manufacturing plants of various companies, robots can also be a threat to those who work in retail. A study released by Cornerstone Capital Group states that no less than 7.5 million jobs can be eliminated in the next decade thanks to the implementation of new machines.

The situation becomes especially worrisome when we consider that retail is already registering layoffs thanks to the advance of the internet. In countries like the United States, for example, many consumers have already stopped going to stores to sample items because they prefer to make purchases through online means.

“Cashier is considered to be one of the most easily automated jobs in the economy,” says the Cornerstone study, citing one of the functions that must be eliminated. There should also be an impact on the number of attendants as automated kiosks and help systems for smartphones spread around the world.



Transforming the labor market

Robots should also have an impact on inventory control systems as well as on the way items are organized on shelves. “Companies that use technology to support their workers are likely to benefit from long-term gains,” the study says. “However, the technology will also automate parts of the sales process and make many jobs redundant.”

Although work transformation processes are common, what makes the use of machines worrisome from an employment point of view is the speed of this transition. If humanity fails to adapt in time to the new opportunities that this change brings, many people may become unemployed in the near future – which is a concern both governmental and for companies that need to have who buys their products.





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