Robots are already able to teach each other how to get objects

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Factories and distribution centers of all kinds rely on robots in their production lines to increase their productivity, and this is nothing new. But there is yet another hint that the work of human beings in these places is increasingly threatened: the new robotic arm developed by RightHand Robotics. He can learn how to capture objects he has never seen before, and to teach other machines to do the same.



The claw with several “fingers” works with a suction system, besides having a camera that analyzes the materials and determines how best to hold that particular object. For do this analysis quickly, the company has developed an algorithm that processes the images instantly, telling the robot which is the best combination of fingers to use and if it is necessary to activate the suction. Also, the system also relies on machine learning techniques to enhance its algorithm when it comes to products it has never seen before.

The robot is connected to a server, sharing its knowledge with the entire network. In this way, the whole team of software developers and engineers gains remote access to the arm if the equipment has difficulty operating, or if it needs further instructions.

At the moment, the RightPick is still under development, but you can already check out the smart robotic arm up and running. Product distribution centers such as Amazon’s, for example, nowadays challenge the huge variety of stored items. Robots who operate these products end up having difficulty manipulating them, but that is where the new system would go into action.

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