Wind energy gets cheaper than expected

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And before some companies argued that the use of wind energy was inefficient, it seems that now they should no longer use this argument. The reason? This energy source, according to estimates from several companies in the industry, now costs around only € 100 per MWh. With this, it has just become as cost-effective as coal or even nuclear and solar energies.

There is a great potential that this offers for the existence of a more sustainable renewable energy market. It is also important to note that, even for the industry itself, the good news came as a surprise: the fall in costs of this technology was so rapid that it reached the mark three to four years earlier than expected, representing a 27% 2014, according to the Futurism website.

Of course, despite everything, there is still a long distance to be traveled until this drop results in the practical implementation of even more wind power plants. Even so, since the decline in numbers is proving to be so great, companies only have more and more reasons to invest in that market.



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