WMR devices should sell twice as much as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

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According to forecasts by Stephanie Llamas, vice president of SuperData, Microsoft is due to surpass its main competitors in the virtual and mixed realities segment for the PC segment in the fourth quarter of this year. It says Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) devices must sell twice as much than HTC Live and Oculus Rift, which may be considered veterans in the current market.



Llamas attributes this possible success to the market presence of Microsoft, which has an infinitely better brand and can do much more marketing than its competitors. Also, there is the variety of products from your partners, who are pre-selling viewers in various price ranges with and without special controls.

“Microsoft has a good chance of becoming the main competitor to HTC and Oculus. It has brand recognition and marketing playing on its side, plus a variety of pricing (between $ 400 and $ 500) to fit into the budget of different customers, “said the analyst.

Microsoft is due to release the “Fall Creators Update” update for Windows 10 on October 17, which will make the system compatible with its WMR devices, and on the same day, viewers from Acer, Dell, Lenovo and HP consumers. Samsung, which has the most anticipated handset of this cam, however, should only start putting its offering on the market in early November.

Llamas also commented that the possible success in sales of the WMR devices should be driven by the greater offer of content that Microsoft should offer from the outset. While the company will launch a number of its own VR experiences, such as some Halo franchise options, and will support SteamVR, competitors still struggle to get more high-quality gaming options in their stores.

However, the name “Windows Mixed Reality,” which translates to Windows Mixed Reality, can cause consumer confusion if the marketing does not explain clearly that there are only virtual reality options for those devices at this time. In Llamas’ view, this may be an impediment to Microsoft boosting its sales.


Sources: MCVUK

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